Easy A earns an A+

Easy A

Easy A came out Sept.17 and  is a great comedy with outstanding acting done by Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tuccci and Aly Michalka. This film was written by Bert V Royal and was partially inspired by the book The Scarlet Letter.

When Olive (Emma Stone) finds herself lying to her best friend Rhiannon (Aly Michalka) about how she lost her virginity, she uses this rumor and others to get up in the social ladder. Stone finds out what it’s like to be like Hester in The Scarlet Letter,  until one day it becomes too much.

This is an up in your face movie of what high school life is like. Director Will Gluck does a wonderful job with it, and he could not have had a better cast. Emma Stone was just as great as she was in Zombieland. The lead role of Olive was made for Stone, no one could have played it better.

I would without a doubt give this movie five stars. I just couldn’t stop laughing.This movie had no dull moments and was so funny that it almost seemed improved. I could watch this movie over and over again and still get a good laugh.

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