Cell phones: Friend or Foe? New studies link cell phones to dangerous diseases

Kara Stewart/Staff Writer

Have you ever carried your cell phone around in your pocket? Slept with your phone under your pillow?

Studies are starting to show that your cell phone can slowly become your killer. Scientists and doctors are teaming up to do major research on the link between cell phones and brain cancer or other harmful effects phones may have on your body.

Recent studies have shown that if you’re a frequent cellphone user and talk almost 24/7, after a while, your nerves could become damaged, memory loss could occur or even acoustic neuroma or brain cancer caused by radiation from your friend, the cell phone.

Now, most of us teenagers have our phones in our hand or pockets all day, which, can cause joint issues.

The phone companies that have the most issues with radiation from their phones are Motorola and Blackberry.

Thankfully, not all phones from these companies are as harmful as others, but all phones do cause at least a small amount of radiation. Samsung is number one cell phone brand that has the most slots on the top 10 lowest radiation-causing cell phones list. The absolute worst phone due to radiation in the United States is the Motorola MOTO VU204.

Some people have even been calling cell phones the “electronic cigarette.”

Some things that you can do to protect yourself is that if you’re in an area with low service, stay off your phone. The lower the service the more radiation your phone omits. If you need to make a call, use your speaker phone. Sending text messages will also cut down on the amount of radiation your phone gives off.

The jury is still out on the definitive hazards of prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation, but consider yourself warned on the risks.

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