Students coordinate art show for Haitian school

Jessie Hoffman/Staff Writer

This Saturday, Nov. 20, Orchard Hill Church will host an art sale sponsored by The HeART Project from four 4-8 p.m. All proceeds will go to a school in Haiti, where assistance is needed more than ever due to the recent outbreak of cholera.

CFHS alumni Megan Pattee is the main overseer of The HeART Project. “I wanted to do the HeART project because I was looking to do a fundraiser in which money was not raised purely by asking people for donations,” Pattee said.

The HeART Project is a fundraiser that will show off art for the benefit of other people’s needs. “One hundred percent of the proceeds are being donated to The Union Chretitienne De Caiman School through United Christians International,” Pattee said. “Orchard has been supporting UCI and the amazing work they are doing in Haiti for quite a few years now.”

The founders of UCI, Jean and Kristie Mompremier, will be at the event to talk about their experiences.
Orchard Hill Church is not only providing space to display all of the artwork, but providing a free running coffee house as well. “I knew non-profit art shows at Orchard Hill had done well years ago. It just has a really great atmosphere,” Pattee said.

The project received a great response from artists; over 40 local artists will be providing a variety of artwork for the event. There will be a type of art for everyone, including paintings, quilts, photography, wall decor, pastels, woodwork, ironwork, crafts, signs, cards, jewelry, a signed Gary Kelly print and much more on display. Professionals and amateurs as well as both current and former CFHS students will be exhibiting their art. Orchard Hill even purchased some Haitian artwork to be sold at the event.

To get the word out for the upcoming event, Pattee created an artist recruitment video on YouTube. “It’s a whole other dimension of artwork … explaining something that all the time words cannot do,” senior Jarek Bakken said in the video.

Several people in addition to Pattee have been involved in the project to bring it together. Laura Hoy has been a major contributor for planning. “She works things from the Orchard side, and we have been planning this event since August,” Pattee said.

CFHS alumni Brian Harris helped to create the artist recruitment video, and many other individuals from Orchard Hill have been supportive by making sure others are informed about the upcoming event.

Pattee is not the only former or current CFHS student to help with the project, however. Riley Martin (’09) will be showing artwork, and junior Sara Gabriele helped Pattee with the logistics of planning. Also, the coffee shop will have live music performances, including those of seniors Reed Bowden and Hannah Easton.

The event will also serve as a great opportunity for those doing their holiday shopping. Pattee said, “Artwork and jewelry make great Christmas gifts.”
To occupy children while their parents look at art pieces, there will be a “Kids Kraft” as well. “The HeART Project is hoping to attract all ages of the community,” Pattee said.

It is still not too late for vendors interested in selling their artwork. For more information about the HeART Project or to contact Pattee, visit their Facebook page here, or watch their YouTube video by clicking here.

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