Classes exchange secret Santa gifts

Maya Amjadi/Staff Writer

Senior Tracy Lukasiewicz and juniors Karl Sadkowski and Lucas Hamilton exchange secret Santa gifts in the percussion room. (Maya Amjadi photo)

Students and teachers are celebrating the holidays in some classrooms by doing secret Santas.

The process is to draw someone’s name and then get them a present. Hence you are their secret Santa. Classrooms taking part in the fun event include: band’s percussion section, chorus, and Senora Black’s Spanish III class.

Sophomore Bennett Ford said, “The point of secret Santas is to be uncommonly friendly to someone without them knowing, and it could be someone you know or not know.” He looks forward to next week when they will find out who their secret Santas are.

The percussionists have been exchanging gifts every Wednesday and Friday. It is the fourteenth annual percussion tradition of secret Santas and the people involved are enjoying the secret but prominent feeling of giving that is putting them in the Christmas mindset. Junior Karl Sadkowski said, “Although exclusive, it helps spread the jolly atmosphere of giving that is so closely associated with Christmas.”

Some students are instituting the game on their own time such as during lunch periods. They are getting friends together at lunch tables and drawing names. It is a fun way to get in the spirit of the holidays and practice the most important part of the season, giving.

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