Abduction: Teen star brings edge to new film

Mikayla Foland/Staff Writer

Taylor Lautner is a huge crowd pleaser in any movie that he appears in.

Abduction, his latest movie, proves no different.

Although he may not be playing a werewolf this time around, he still offers that enchanting smile, mesmerizing bod and plenty of action.

If you’re looking for a movie with suspense that also includes a little romance, I would put this at the top of your list.

Some parts are a little predictable, but it still meets the expectations of any loyal fan.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to older adults because the main conflict in it seems to relate more to teens and young adults.

This movie provides a great moral lesson to those who are still trying to find themselves. implying that where you come from doesn’t define who you are.

It’s what you’ve been through that matters.

Abduction is about an average high school boy, Nathan Price (Taylor Lautner), who feels like he is out of place.

He is assigned to work on a school project with his neighbor Karen Murphy who he’s known since childhood.

While working on their report, they find a picture of him on a website that lists missing kids.

After this discovery, the two teenagers embark on a dangerous journey to keep themselves and the truth safe.

Any Twilight fans (myself included) may see this movie as somewhat similar, just a lot more condensed and realistic.

It has that same thrill that involves drama and romance at the appropriate time.

But, it offers much more mystery and violent adventure.

I’d give Abduction three and a half out of five stars.

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