Rapper needs to teach, not influence

Mikayla Foland/Staff Writer

Known for his ability to rhyme and drop a beat, Mac Miller has become an over-night sensation.

Appealing more to an adolescent crowd, he’s considered “dope” by many.

But, relating to his lyrics and the actual meanings of his songs is a bit of a touchy subject.

I do give him credit for being talented because he is covering more fields than others.

Girls, drugs, partying and a big ego are what Mac Miller seems to care about most because he expresses these topics frequently throughout his music.

To some people, these kinds of lyrics promote their way of life.

To others and myself, it can be a bit disappointing to hear these lyrics because they don’t really express the true feelings of Mac Miller.

His lyrics don’t teach his fans so much as influence them.

If people constantly hear about how the majority of famous musicians “live it up,” what is the meaningful purpose of that song to those who want to get more out of music?

Music is a way not only to entertain but also to teach something to people that is actually worth their time and money.

Mac Miller doesn’t give that to people; he doesn’t even tell a story.

Therefore, people can’t really know what he’s all about, and he’ll eventually he’ll be replaced by someone who can offer more relation to regular people instead of just telling us about the “high life.”

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