Student blood drive benefits 288 lives

Student Senate hosted a blood drive last Friday, May 11. The drive raised 96 units of blood, 14 less than last year’s drive. Despite raising less units, the blood drive was successful: “It went really well. We had lots of students participate. We didn’t have long waits like we did last year, and it’s overwhelmingly for a good cause and that’s something we need to look at,” counselor and student senate adviser Erin Gardner said.

Senior Ryan Frost waits during the process of blood being drawn during the student senate sponsored blood drive Friday, May 11.

Each pint of donated blood  is separated into platelets, plasma and cells to be given to three different patients; one pint of blood saves three lives. Provided they all pass the 14 tests, mostly for infectious diseases, the blood raised from the CFHS blood drive will save 288 lives. Although blood has a shelf life of 42 days, the 96 units will most likely be used up in a week: “Blood cannot be

manufactured, and blood is only available from people willing to donate. Hospitals depend on blood donations,” Territory representative Pam Wolter said. Her organization receives about 3,000 pints of blood a week.

Blood donors will receive a card telling them their blood type.

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