Women’s Swimming plunges through Regionals to State

Women’s swimming and diving team competed at Regionals over the three-day weekend. The Tigers managed to rack up 465.5 points, finishing in first place, while the second place team, Dubuque Senior, followed behind by over 100 points. With the help of key swimmers and divers, the Tigers achieved the first place finish.

Impressive dives by junior Hannah Brummel on Thursday Oct. 25, qualified her for the state meet. Brummel’s finishing score was 394.35, a first place finish. Placing first was a goal of Brummel’s that she surely achieved on Thursday night. Getting ready for a dive can be nerve racking, but Brummel stayed calm and thought about each dive. “I think of all the things I need to do well while doing the dive and try to just get it in the water as clean as I can,” she said. Now Brummel can focus on preparing herself for State where she is planning to attempt a reverse somersault pike with a half twist.

The women’s swimmers also did an outstanding job on Saturday, Oct. 27. Sophomore Martee Grainger contributed to the Tiger’s win by placing second in the 50 Freestyle, along with a first place finish in the 400 Freestyle relay, which included Grainger, junior Catherine Sell, senior Aftin Phyfe and sophomore Brittany Moffatt.

When in the middle of a race, Grainger said she doesn’t have time to think, since all of her events are shorter distances. “You don’t think. My coach tells me to be a dumb sprinter and that’s because I do the short stuff, so I can’t really think that much, otherwise I mess up.”

Not thinking also comes to play while jumping off the blocks for Grainger, even if a start doesn’t go as planned. “You really can’t think about it, but, of course, you do, so you gotta just try to make it up is what I think. Make it up with a turn or a kick.”

Getting ready for an event most likely means Grainger gets to act like “hot stuff,” giving her a boost of confidence. “You have to go up there acting like you’re going to own it, so that’s what I do. I just go up there, and I act all cocky and look like a brat. ‘Here I am,’ helps me.”

Now the women’s swimming and diving team will start to prepare for State, which is Nov. 2 and 3 and will be held at Marshalltown. State qualifiers include Phyfe, Brummel, Sell, Grainger, sophomore Natalie Shimp, sophomore Jade Jacobs, sophomore Brittany Moffatt, freshman Madison Hall, freshman Charlie Langer and freshman Meghan Hackett.

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