Share secrets, shake off stress

Secrets don’t make friends. Or do they?

We are often told to keep our mouths shut and keep things to ourselves. Perhaps that’s good in some instances, but research shows that sharing secrets can, in fact, reduce stress.

Now this is not to say that we should all be gossiping around and telling other people’s secrets. Please. It’s high school. Enough of that happens already. But maybe it isn’t so bad to share our own secrets.

We all have something at one time or another that is just eating away at us and needs to get out. Even if you just need to tell someone of your secret burning passion to try out for the dance team. Go ahead. You will feel much more relaxed.

Sharing secrets of your own can have many benefits: you might be more relaxed, less stressed and form deeper bonds with the people you love.

However, the key words here are: your own. If someone has entrusted you with his or her secrets, now is the time to keep it between you and that someone. Don’t go babbling it around to the whole community. Respect that someone was confident and brave enough to tell you something personal and keep your thoughts between the two of you.

According to a report in the Journal of Adolescence, teens who share their own secrets with their parents or friends had higher confidence levels and less headaches. They also tended to have better moods.

So don’t let something haunt you. Let it out. Grab a close friend or family member and communicate. It’s only healthy.

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