PE department adds cross training for next year

Next year the physical education department will be offering cross training classes here at the high school to expand students’ options for growth in healthy lifestyles. The classes will be split between cardiovascular training routines, cardio kickboxing, cardio circuit training, agility and advanced core training.

“These classes are for students who want an intense workout, are ready to sweat and want to improve their physical fitness. The daily exercises will be challenging. Basically, it would be like having a Next Level Extreme Fitness or Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping here at school.We implemented cross training elective first because we have had a lot of students asking to ‘workout’ ’instead of do the typical PE stuff. So, we decided to create a class that would offer the students a chance to complete their workout at school. Not only a workout, but a GREAT workout. The workouts they will do will be challenging and be different every day,” physical education department chair Jamie Smith said.

“I would definately would have loved to take a class like kickboxing instead of just normal PE if I had the chance, because for me I love working out, and that would have been great to be able to do something intense like that at school,” senior Richard Lam said.

As of right now, Smith will be teaching the cross training class, and it will be offered the last hour of  the day. For the 2013-2014 school year, there will sophomore PE, junior/senior lifetime wellness, strength and conditioning and cross training classes available for students. This idea was created by the high school PE staff. This would be the first year anything like this will be offered to students, so things can still be changed to see what works out best and if the school gets the PEP grant that it is applying for. If it does, then more things could happen in the PE department.

“Yeah I would like to take an actual workout class instead of just PE, and I know that there are a lot of other student who would really like this also. It would be a change up from just doing normal PE activities,” junior Spencer Betts said.

“We are working on plans to change up the routines in the weight room and lessen the amount of time we are in the weight room.  However, a lot of our creativity and ideas may be hindered by our large class sizes and lack of space, so students need to keep that in mind. We are also revamping many of our content-based activities for the sophomores. Finally, we are researching new games like crazy. We would like to introduce about four-eight new games next year.  If we get the grant, that number could double and many things will look differently,” Smith said.

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