Real life art

Student’s art is so realistic, people often mistake her drawings as photographs.  Rachel Green shares her talent.

Rachel Green, a senior, has a passion for art. The people who have seen her drawings, describe them as almost looking like photographs.

Much time and attention to detail goes into all of Green’s many different pieces. Above all, she loves to create people. “I like to make people mostly. I like a lot of the shading that deals with the facial features. A lot of the details in it are what I like,” Green said.

The people in her drawings look real. She uses many techniques to get that end product. “I usually use a blending stump, and I kind of go from there. I start with a base, and then I go in darker if I feel like it needs to be. I just kind of hack at it until it’s how I want it,” Green said.

Some of Green’s drawings are usually up in the display case outside the principals’ offices. Her drawings of the little kids actually earned her some cash. “I was getting paid. It was for my cousin, and she was giving them as a present to my aunt. They were drawings of all my aunt’s grandkids,” Green said.

Green isn’t sure where she will be going next year for college, but she has a good idea.

“I think I want to go to Liberty in Virginia. I want to do physical therapy but then minor in art,” she said.

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