Hi-Line staff share wishes for 2014

Changes in School:

Martha: I would like to see a strong recycling program at CFHS. There is a small recycling program currently, but not many students actually use it. I see countless bottles thrown in the trash when they could be recycled. A composting program for food in the cafeteria would be awesome too. We shouldn’t be throwing so many plastic utensils away.

Kaitlyn: Faster Internet would be really nice for the next year because now the district is connecting Chromebooks to the Internet, including everyone’s iPods and phones. The system is going to be even slower then it is now, and that will make it harder for everyone to actually get anything done on the Internet. Editor’s Note: The high school recently received server upgrades matching the highest speeds of any other school in the state, so this wish came true!

Zuhayr: I would like to see some sort of covering for the people who have to walk outside to get to class. Like some sort of tent or mini-hallway thing. It gets cold and wet and windy outside.

MacKenzie: This coming year I’d like to see smaller lunch shifts; it’s just so crowded and hot down in the cafeteria that a lot of students don’t like to eat down there, let alone even be down there just to sit. I’d also like to see better lunch choices, like fresher fruit.

Sara: I’d like to see more leadership and involvement in the school, and maybe some closeness between all the classes. It would make this school more of a community instead of a place where people dread to go to every day.

Ellen: I’d like to see a stronger sense of community among the students. It feels like a lot of activities such as sports and drama are very isolated, and cliques form depending on what “group” you’re in.  We need to start supporting each other, regardless of group, activity or grades.

Austin: I want to see students inspired to be great and inspired to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Abby: I would like to see students using the trash cans in the parking lot and not littering as often.

Olivia: I think the coffee shop would be a great addition to the school. It would be nice if they provided healthier options for students as well.

Mallory: I’d like to see a more effective use of student parking, or at least a plan from school leaders to make school parking better than it is.


Changes in the World:

Austin: I want to see people caring for each other because love is happy.

Zuhayr: I want to see everyone treated equally because that would be nice for people who are not considered equal yet.

Sara: It’d be cool if we could all stop bombing each other and just get along for once.

MacKenzie: I could say a lot of things that I would like the world to be, though many of them are impossible. I think something that the entire world should work on is communication. Yes, we don’t all speak the same language, but still, we should all make a better effort of trying to understand each other.

Kaitlyn: I want the world to start treating everyone, yes everyone, equally. We have tried and are slowly treating more and more people without discrimination, but some other parts of the world still discriminate against different people. I think by now we should all get over our differences, and everyone should get along.

Ellen: I would like to see stronger cooperation among countries. It seems every meeting between countries is either so formal or so ceremonial that nothing actually gets done. I hope people actually make an effort to learn about different situations and problems in the world, both in other developed countries and in third-world countries. We all know that people are suffering, but until we make an effort to learn about the problems, nothing can be done.

Olivia: I want everyone to be treated equally, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. It’s kind of ridiculous that this hasn’t been met yet.

Mallory: I’d like to see better communication among countries. Instead of hiding things from each other and trying to get the upper hand on other countries, we should just focus on communicating to work towards common goals and maintain peace.

Changes in the U.S.:

MacKenzie: I would love to see stronger laws regarding animal abuse and animal cruelty. The things that a lot of people do to animals are horrible and unimaginably sick. Animals can’t really fight back. They can bite, scratch or kick, but legally they can’t stick up for themselves.

Mallory: I’d like to see a stronger fight against issues in our society today involving equality. Whether it be discrimination by race, gender or sexual orientation, I would like to see it lessened in the United States. If everyone could treat each other with equality and fairness, I feel like the United States would be a much more accepting and inviting environment for all who live here.

Ellen: I’d like to see a change in the political environment. People are so tired with the state of  government and politics in this country that they don’t care anymore, but the only way it’s going to change is if people actually do care. As a society we need to stop complaining about politics, actually learn about our government’s history and current policies, and start to engage in respectful, proactive discussions that can generate some real change.

Sara: I’d like to see more acceptance towards everyone, and yet let everyone be their own person and speak up for themselves. And more tolerance for those who are different than the rest.

Austin: I want to see our country come together in great unity. We are the UNITED States and people are awesome. I also want to see the Lions win the Super Bowl.

Zuhayr: I would like to see everyone in America get along, and I would also like to see the Packers win the Super Bowl again.

Kaitlyn: In the U.S. I would like to see a difference when I watch the news in the mornings or at night. I never really feel like I’m watching the news; its more like I’m watching people gossip about people getting in trouble or things that other countries are doing. I would like the news too focus on the U.S. just a bit more and on things that actually matter. Sorry, I can go to the baking channel If I wanna see how to make holiday cookies.

Olivia: Equality. It’s a major issue, and there needs to be less discrimination towards race, gender and sexuality.


Class of 2014

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