Looking Back: Cedar Falls High School has lots to be proud of

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With 2013 wrapped up, students are looking backward, but also forward, to further better the Tiger spirit.

Last year was a busy year for us Tigers on a range of issues from sports to academia to changes in policy, such as physical education becoming a part of the student GPA. Each student adjusted to new classes in eight-period days and marched one year closer to that fabled senior year.

This year, the high school has improved quite a lot of things, such as a grant to innovate our PE programs and every single student receiving a Chromebook.

We had many achievements, such as the food drive which raised about 15,000 pounds of food and the successful launch of the Academic Zone to make the new eight-hour days much less painful.

Also, we were honored on the 2013 AP District Honor Roll. College Board puts it like this: “Reaching these goals indicates that these districts are successfully identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are likely to benefit from rigorous AP coursework.”

Six Iowa schools were also honored for “Breaking Barriers” this year, and out of 99 school districts in Iowa, Cedar Falls High School hit the top six because African American students delivered an amazing 84.7 percent proficiency rate in reading and mathematics while the statewide average for this subgroup is 46.3 percent.

So the Hi-Line would like to congratulate Cedar Falls High School as a collective: all teachers, all students and everyone in between, for a great start of the 2013-2014 school year.  Keep it up Tigers!

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