Athlete of the week: JT Sole


Senior JT Sole

Senior JT Sole

Senior JT Sole is entering his fourth season on the varsity roster. After much debate, he has decided to play baseball at the University of Iowa next year.

How did you finally decide on Iowa?

Obviously, I was looking for a long while and a lot of things went on during that decision process, but I just felt the most comfortable playing for coach Heller at Iowa, and I think that is where I am going to have the best chance for success as a player.

What’s it like having your dad as head coach?

For sure it can get very difficult at times as sometimes we act more like father and son than coach and athlete, but I think that just comes with the job. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else but him because I know he knows what he’s doing, and he can only make you better as a player.

With many multi-year starters returning, how will you make it to State and succeed there? 

With having so many starters returning, there are definitely higher expectations than last year, and I think our run to State is one of them. This year what is going to make us successful is hitting better situationally and doing the small things like bunting and stealing an extra base. We always had good pitching in our ‘14 and ‘15 class, so as long as we can do those things, we’re going to have a good chance to do a lot of things this season.

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