High School chapter of Christian Athletes looks for big turnout at annual rally

By: Annebeth Ahrenholz

For Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader Corey Peters, the goal of his group is focused on one big tent instead of tiny tents in isolation.

For him, the purpose of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is to make Christ known in the community and school, and to show love to everyone, no matter their beliefs. “Serve and love everyone, especially the people that don’t believe what you do,” Peters said.

He said everyone is so caught up in what is right and wrong, and who believes what, but the goal of FCA is to bring the community together and for students to figure out who God is for themselves.

“People spend too much time arguing about whether God exists or not. We can disagree and still love and serve one another,” Peters said.

Peters leads FCA at Holmes Junior High and is helping lead this year’s fourth annual Fields of Faith.

Fields of Faith will be held on Oct. 8 from 7-9 p.m. on the CFHS football field, or in the auditorium if it’s raining.

For Peters, the purpose of Fields of Faith is to bring people together — people who go to church or don’t. “Sometimes, in my opinion, church can be very segregated by denomination, race and communities. I don’t believe heaven is segregated,” Peters said.

He stressed that Fields of Faith is for anyone, no matter what they believe. For him, it is a way to get plugged in with other students, coaches and leaders.

Fields of Faith is put on by the CFHS FCA. FCA is an organization that has a wide international reach that has been touching millions of lives since 1954. It challenges all coaches and athletes to use athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The mission of FCA is to present to coaches and athletes the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as avior and lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

“To let students know that they were created for a purpose. They have a father in heaven who loves them. To get to know him through his word. Then get active. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Serve and love his people,”  Peters said.

Peters said that students shouldn’t be forced into any relationship with God, but that things like FCA help students figure out what they believe and who God is for themselves.

“He took a broken kid like me and has given me the great privilege to speak positive things into the lives of hundreds of children every day. I am so honored by that.”

Senior Jamie Becker started getting involved in FCA last year and is going into her second  year this year. Becker got involved when she was invited to be student leader at Cedar Falls High School. This will be her third Fields of Faith, and she will be speaking this year. She is most looking forward to sharing with everyone what God is putting on her heart.

“Every year there are great speakers who have so many great stories to share, and by them sharing their stories, I’ve found that my life changes.”

Peters said he greatly enjoys getting to lead FCA at Holmes Junior High. He enjoys most learning from them and watching students impact other students in a positive way. He loves watching students hearts open up to the fact that they were created for a great purpose.

At this year’s Fields of Faith, Peters, along with many other members, will be there helping lead this eventful night. There will be student speakers sharing their testimonies with everyone. In addition to Becker, some of these speakers include UNI football player David Johnson and CFHS football player Andrew Hager.

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