Hour of Power Lunches: Chicken Stir Fry makes easy meal in under 60 minutes

By: Lan Schwickerath

Feeds: 2-3 people

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes


decent sized pan

cutting board

sharp knife

tablespoon of oil

2 medium-sized 

chicken breasts

1 large tomato

1 medium cucumber

1/4 head of cauliflower

2 small cans of mushrooms 

2-3 stalks of celery

prefered seasonings 

Louisiana Hot sauce (optional)

The night before, take the chicken out of the freezer and put on a paper plate in the fridge.

If you have time in the morning, dice everything up and put the veggies and the chicken into separate containers.

Otherwise do the following.

1) During your power hour go home and put your pan on the stove and add the oil.

2) Turn the stove to medium heat.

3) Dice the chicken.

4) Throw the chicken in and season to preference (I prefer Greek no salt, Creole, garlic and Louisiana hot sauce.)

5) While waiting for the chicken to cook, dice all your veggies.

6) Wait until chicken is almost done and put everything else in the pan.

7) Season again if you’d like to have more dominant flavor in the dish.

8) Wait until your cauliflower has softened up a little bit and the dish is done cooking.

9) Take off heat and use a slotted spoon so as to not get all the oil on your plate.

10) Serve hot with your favorite sides.chickenstirfry2 chickenstirfry4 chickenstirfry1 chickenstirfry5 chickenstirfry3

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