As end of year nears, take time for peaceful mind

By: Lexi Sheeley

I’ve written before about my struggle with depression and anxiety. Our mental health is easily overlooked, and I think it’s important to take time for ourselves and heal. As teenagers, it’s hard to deal with our feelings while we go to school, make time for relationships and gear up for our futures, but it’s good to take a break and breathe. Dealing with our well being comes before many things.

Pouring yourself into something you’re passionate about is a big step to self help. For example, I love writing. It keeps my mind off of everything that’s stressful, and afterwards, I feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

Take a bath. Baths are very soothing, and it eases anxiety. Adding bubbles or soaking in lavender soap regenerates good feelings.

Explore nature. I love feeling flowers dance beneath my fingertips. When you go outside and look at how much beauty is out there, the sadness that holds you in a dark box seems to diminish. For me, spending time in the woods or down by a lake helps me realize there’s more out there than depression.

Play with animals. Animals are so innocent and kind. They curl up beside you, and they protect you from evil things.

Change something up. Cut your hair, rearrange your room, get a piercing, etc. Do something different with your life. It helps throw off the same routine we follow every day. If you’re struggling one day, you’ll struggle the next day; unless you switch things up.

Look in the mirror and have a conversation with yourself. Talk about your strengths and build your confidence up. It’s hard to be kind to ourselves, but it really helps heal any emotional wounds you’re dealing with.

Our lives move so fast, and we get lost as time goes on. It’s hard figuring out who we are and what we’re feeling, and we need to remember to put a pause on everything and figure out how to help ourselves. Although school and work is important, focusing on our well being comes first. Don’t overlook it. Whether you’re depressed, anxious, angry, heartbroken, happy, etc. take a moment to find more positivity in your life.

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