Our View: Give big thanks for homecoming cookout

By the time Power Hour rolls around today, the smell of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers will have filled the air around the school, all thanks to the generous First Christian Church neighboring us.

Every year since 2000, they cook hundreds of hot dogs, burgers, cookies and bars for us to celebrate the homecoming game.

We as a school would like to say thank you for the annual graciousness they bestow upon us every year during homecoming week.

The cookout is funded by donations from youth groups and church goers alike.

Last year they cooked 840 burgers and 250 hot dogs. Usually on average they have about 42 workers helping run the event. Liz Woodward, the pastor at the church, said last year: “We aren’t able to see each and every one of you every day like your teachers do, but we wish to show you all how much we are excited for your learning and what all you’re involved in.”

Be sure to give every volunteer a big thank you.

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