Self defense calls for ferocity

Unfortunately in today’s society, crime is everywhere. As civilians we need to learn to adapt, and how to protect ourselves.

Many attackers will attempt to make a target more vulnerable by isolation, intimidation and surprise. An easily accessible escape route might not be available. But if you can get away … run for it!

Often you will have to distract your attacker first.

You can try a number of approaches:

Physical distraction — throw a chair or deliver a blow to the attacker’s throat.

Verbal distraction — start yelling loud and deep.

Visual distraction — throw items that make them duck and cover, or go berserk and show that you are not easily confined.

When fighting back, attack with ferocity. Fight with the intensity that could make a momma bear protecting her cubs look like a wimp.

Every option, every target and every deception is open to you. Use flattery. Run. Rip their throat out. Bite. Yell. Elbow the solar plexus or floating ribs. Gouge the eyes. Grab a finger and break it. Don’t stop until you are free and safe.

1. Don’t be there to receive the attack. The most effective self-defense against a punch is not being there. Ducking, rolling and/or moving away will help immensely. Step out sideways to evade the attack and at the same time block the punch with an open hand. The stronger the punch comes in, the more a block like this will send an attacker off balance.

2. Once you avoid the hit, stay safe and take control. You’re out of the way and you blocked the punch. Now what? Chances are your attacker is pretty angry that his or her punch missed. You can grab the attacker’s wrist and push the arm up in order to make the attacker less guarded. At the same time, you can step into a horse-riding stance and chamber your other hand ready to strike.

3. Aim for a sensitive spot. Throat, genitals, solar plexus, it’s all fair game. You want to have your attacker gasping for air, so that you can run away safely.  You can grab the neck to push down and knee the attacker in the face. Alternatively you can grab your dominate fist with your non-dominate hand and throw your body into an elbow strike as if pitching a baseball into the attacker’s throat.

4. Run, hide and/or scream for help. If you’ve safely evaded an attacker’s hit, you will want to take every chance to run for it. Depending on your circumstance, you may want to hide silently, but more times than not, it is ideal to scream as loud as possible for help to come.

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