Tune in to these sounds for successful studies

There’s commotion in the background, your head is throbbing and the clock is ticking. There’s just no way you can concentrate long enough to absorb even one detail to save your life. 

Sound familiar? That’s probably what your environment consists of hours before a mentally demanding test. After another unsuccessful attempt to study, you consider listening to music to block out that impending headache. But then, you quickly realize that you’ve got yourself into another problem: What kind of music would prevent all the background noise from seeping in, and in the process not divert your attention from actually studying the material? Check out these relaxing new playlists from Spotify! 

Whatever kind of music you’re into, make sure you know what’s best for you when you study. These playlist are just a few options on Spotify. Spotify is a free digital music service that gives you instant access to millions of songs. Other than Spotify, there are many other music players or music apps you can choose from. 


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