Victims of abusive relationships should run

Abusive relationships are more than just bruises and closed fists. They are more than just hate, and they are more scary than you think.

Abusive relationships can start in high school. Maybe not quite physical, but verbal abuse is equally potent in destroying a personal mentally for a sense of power.

It revolves around manipulation and control. Simple arguments turn into degrading slurs, which turns into self hatred for the victim.

Of course, this happens after the partners have “fallen in love.” The abuser relies on the significant other talking herself into believing verbal abuse is love. Day after day victims rely on their partner for love. Their emotions are no longer just theirs; they belong to their partners, and they are not individuals anymore.

In abusive relationships, partners are just property, and it’s hard to reverse that type of mindset. Throughout the relationship, partners have been taught they deserve nothing better than being the punching bags of abusers who claim to love them.

At some point or another, this can escalate to physical abuse. Why? Because having someone fear them is how abusers make their victims stay. It’s how they gain the power they so badly want.

One in 10 high school students have been physically hurt by a significant other, and nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience some form of dating abuse, which means there are likely students in our own school experiencing that type of relationship. Bruises may not cover their skin, but their mental states are completely crumbled.

When someone you love treats you badly in so many ways, it’s hard to realize that love isn’t meant to hurt. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is supposed to protect you from monsters, not be the monster.

It’s not easy to leave. Abusers manipulate their victims into believing that without them, they are nothing. Victims are manipulated into believing they deserve no better and that leaving the relationship would be selfish.

Once in love, it’s hard getting out under certain circumstances. Most abuser’s take their victims away from families and friends, and they put them in total isolation. Every day is spent with them, and it’s hard to break free of that grip.

Love is not control over someone. Love is not harsh. Love does not cause pain.

Once you’re significant other makes you feel even a tiny bit unworthy, run. No matter how much you love them, you need to get away. Lovers aren’t ever supposed to tear you down. Everyone deserves a happy ending. No one deserves to be treated like an animal.

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