Cubs talented roster should keep Chicago fans happy for years to come

By Ben Boezinger

Two outs. Bottom of the 10th inning. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, with thousands of other Cubs fans doing the same. Anticipation was building all throughout my body as my extremities started to tremble. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding before my eyes. Something that I never thought I’d see throughout my lifetime is finally happening.

Not only did the Cubs make it to the World Series, they were one pitch away from ending the 108-year drought.

Michael Martinez hits a hard grounder to Kris Bryant, and Bryant throws that ball without the ability to withhold the smile that was building across his face. Like so many other Cubs fans. Anthony Rizzo catches the ball and slips it into his back pocket.

Players crash from the bench and the bullpen. W flags are draped all over Progressive Field and the world. The frustrations over the 108 years have all been forgiven.

Game seven of the 2016 world series may have been the best sports event of all time. I thought it was like a Shakespearean play. From elation to tragedy to more tragedy to finally an elaborate finale with only one surviving to see another day. The emotions Cub’s fans also dealt with over the span of four hours was like throwing your heart into a meat grinder and pulling it back out to reattach.

From the early lead, to the Indians comeback, to Rajai Davis’ eighth inning home run off of Chapman, to the two run tenth. It was a whirlwind of emotions that not only capitalized the season for the Cubs, but also 108 years of pain and suffering.

So what’s next for Chicago? Well, considering the excellent job GM Jed Hoyer and President Theo Epstein have done to build up the Cub’s farm system, I’d say we might have an easy ride the next few years.

They already have four young studs in the infield ( Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez) and developing outfielders waiting in the wings. Not only that, but after showing what Kyle Schwarber can do in the clutch after being out since April is quite impressive.

And the Cub’s will not only have his big bat in the lineup, but also his improved fielding skills.

After Zobrist is gone, the Cub’s will have a talented second basemen in the waiting. Ian Happ, who could very well be a 20-20 hitter for the Cubs, will get a lot experience waiting in the wings for his time to shine. He’s got great contact and speed, also with a little power hiding in that bat.

In the outfield they have Eloy Jimenez, whose play style is eerily similar to that of Jorge Soler. He’s got a great right arm and great raw power coming out of his bat. Jimenez could be a guy who hits a lot of towering shots out of Wrigley in the coming seasons.

The Cubs won the World Series and Donald Trump is president. The world must be ending. Even if you hate the Cubs, you can’t but be astonished at what the team has accomplished. Against all the odds, against all the doubters. A team of young 20-something year olds shouldered the weight of an entire city on their back. The Cubs beat every challenge that was thrown at them. This will be the first of many in the coming years for Chicago. North side, I think we may have a dynasty on our hands.

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