Say goodbye to overexposed trends in makeup

It’s makeup trends that need to die in 2017. New year, new beauty tips and tricks. Going back and pulling makeup and beauty trends from the past year is never bad, but sometimes it’s time to just let things die. There was contouring, strobing, yellow concealer and so many more, but some of them, at least to me, have come to their natural end in life.

CONTOURING WITH RANDOM OBJECTS. From knifes and tape to high heels, this trend definitely needs to die. This whole trend creates unnatural lines in the hopes of reconstructing your face. You may think you look snatched, but you really just have sharp lines drawn on the hollows of your face.

TOO LIGHT CONCEALER. A makeup trick once revealed by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist in which a slightly lighter, yellow toned, concealer was placed to brighten up the face. Now things have gone too far. Excessive use of this trend places a concealer too light (three to four shades lighter) under on the eyes and lights up the face in a hideous, unnatural way.

OVERDRAWN LIPS. I can’t tell you how much I HATE overdrawn lips. Like honestly, do you really think that people can’t tell that you’ve gone outside of the natural lines of your lips? You’ve got to know that you’ve put lipstick on your chin right? Lip-lining is great in moderation, like all things, so please do yourself a favor in 2016 and love your natural lips.

EXCESSIVE HIGHLIGHT AND CONTOURING. I do contouring and highlighting, especially this winter. It’s one of the best ways to achieve a dewy, glowing look. But there’s a huge difference between applying your makeup products in the right places and being so obsessed with them. What I’m trying to say is this: Find the right highlighter or illuminator for you, know how to apply them and please don’t go overboard. You don’t need an uber-shiny face.

OVERDONE EYEBROWS Those hideous, dark, over-painted, vinyl-looking eyebrows need to go away. I’m not sure why some trends catch on and others don’t, especially some that might have been born on a catwalk and meant to augment a trend, but those really awful stenciled-on brows are quite frightening and flatter no face.

FOUNDATION MASKS With all the HD cameras and lighting we’re using (gone are the days of a simple cell phone selfie), we’re using heavier and fuller coverage foundation and powders in excess. It’s aging and ends up reading mask-like. In 2017, we’re going to see more skin, more freckles and a move toward a more sheer, natural complexion.

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