Make the Switch: Nintendo’s new game system lives up to hype

As of only a few weeks ago, on March 3, the Nintendo Switch officially came out. Selling out within the first few days, clearly people were hyped.

However, was it worth the hype? Let’s check out the usage, gameplay and other tidbits about the Switch and both of its currently released titles.

First off, gameplay of 1-2 switch, one of the less-hyped releases, is a rather simple game. It is a collection of mini games you play by looking your opponent in the eyes. You only start with roughly five games, but once you play a few, you unlock all the games. The mini-games are fun, but they require a friend, and it requires you to use the console-mode of the Switch.

Moving on to a single-player game, for the much-hyped “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” words can not explain how awesome this game is. The game throws you right into the action, and while you’re restricted for a bit, once you complete only a few mini-dungeons, known as shrines in this game, you are given the full map, and it is quite large.

The best part of this game is, there are little to no hint systems. The game expects you to do everything. There are at least three or four ways to do everything, and there is no “wrong” way to do one puzzle vs. another.

There are no restrictions at all, really. Once you’re given an objective, you can do it, but you can also do one of the many, many side quests. Overall, “Breath of the Wild” is very good, even just the bit I played.

Finally, the overall enjoyability of this system includes a first: it is both a handheld and console. Most of the gameplay works equally, but there were several times where it is recommended you plug your handheld into the console so a cutscene will look nicer.

One thing that happened to my brother and I and a few others is when trying to remove the wrist straps, we couldn’t get them off. This was a semi-common problem, but after a lot of effort, we finally set ourselves free.

Despite this and the limited battery for travel, it is an excellent system. It is a bit complicated to charge your Switch without the console part, but besides that, it’s an overall good system.

The hype for the Switch was very high, and every last bit of it was deserved. With even more games set to come out throughout this year, the future looks bright for the Switch, so, as a gamer, I recommend you switch to the Switch.

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