Soloists striking out for success

Although there is a long line of pop bands that have had their moments in the spotlight, nowadays, it just seems like the era of bands in pop culture is beginning to die out.

Bands whose songs you have may have once heard on the radio are now in the news after their reign as a group has come to an end. Typically, the separation happens when one member of the group decides to go on his or her own path to start toward a solo career or the popularity of a band has died down.

Pop bands such as One Direction and Fifth Harmony have lost members for that reason, where a person separates from the group to make music on their own. Zayn Malik, who was a part of One Direction, and Camila Cabello, who was associated with the girl group, Fifth Harmony, both left their bands to venture out and make songs of their own which have become hits.

Other music groups who have broken up in music history are Destiny’s Child, NSYNC and The Pussycat Dolls. The members of these bands who have left have grown up to be iconic idols in the music industry. Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Nicole Scherzinger still continue making music today that many people who enjoyed listening to their former band’s music listen to.

There are still the exceptions of bands that have lasted since the the 2000s and even earlier, like Maroon 5, which was formed in 2001 and Coldplay, a band whose songs have been heard on the radio countless times and existed since 1996.

But why does there seem to be a lack of bands in pop music today? It may be because pop duos have taken over. Partnered artists like the Chainsmokers and Twenty-One Pilots have topped the charts and become popular in music.

Or maybe it’s that people simply find the music of solo artists much better, in no regard to whether or not they’re listening to a soloist of band’s music.

Another reason may be because the hype for bands has simply died down. During One Direction’s most popular moments, it seemed like everyone had a case of boyband fever, and many other groups were formed to try to gain that same fame. Girl groups such as Fifth Harmony also added a feminine twist to the band stereotype and gave people the option to hear females expressing their talents through music, but after a while, it all just began to sound the same.

Since the leave of their former band members Zayn Malik and Camila Cabello, both bands have seemed to hit rocks in the road. The members of One Direction have gone on their own paths to solo careers, with about two members releasing their own songs and two others members who are well on their way. Fifth Harmony’s, Normani Kordei has also ventured out to new things since her former band member’s separation, and she has become a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Nonetheless, though, music still seems to be doing fine without the presence of bands contributing to it, and even if your favorite bands aren’t together anymore, you can always listen to their wonderful music and enjoy other artists similar to them.

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