This Spring Break, try a ‘staycation’

Are you not going anywhere  for spring break? But, you need to leave the house for the day? Here are some ideas to spend your day doing something else than watching Netflix. Get out your phone, text your close friends and get the car packed. You are going on a road trip.

A little over an hour away, Backbone State Park has many things to offer. From fishing and hanging in nature, to hiking up and down hill sides with amazing views. Backbone offers many trout streams and fishing lakes around the 61 million feet of land. Along with many trails and caves to climb in and out of. While you’re there, make sure to stop and take in the views.

For less than a five minute drive, you can go to any lake or river and kayak for the afternoon with friends and good music. If you want to, you can fish with your friends or just spend time on the water.

If nature is not for you, take a three hour drive with some great jams and great friends. Head up to Mall of America and spend the day shopping till you drop. You can also go walk around the aquarium, ride thrilling rides at the amusement park, and take a swim at the waterpark.

If you don’t want to drive as far, but shopping is totally for you. Take a less than two hour drive to Iowa City and go to Coral Ridge Mall to spend the day shopping, watching a movie or skating at the ice rink.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Get a couple friends and head out to eat at some of the local restaurants around Cedar Falls, then head home and chill.

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