Good night’s sleep awaiting after following simple steps

With the end of the school year approaching, tests and projects are quickly being piled high as we wrap up our current courses. Not only does this inhibit growing excitement for the beginning of summer, long to-do lists and cramming sessions for exams can pact on major stress inside and outside of school.

With increasing amounts of stress, an important part of the day can be negatively influenced- sleep. This time of year is crucial for getting in adequate amounts of sleep to help mental health and energy levels. Incorporating healthy habits can help you reach a good night’s sleep.

1. Track Your Sleep 

Keeping your sleeping habits documented on a device or in a journal can assist in establishing a healthy sleep schedule. If you are not already doing this habit, iPhone’s offer a sleep analysis application to track intended amounts of sleep as well as your sleep activity over the course of the night. Along with iPhone sleep analysis, the Apple App Store and Android Play Store offer additional applications for sleep documentation.

2. Turn on Night Shift 

Though it’s important to turn off cellular devices at least 30 minutes before bed, many of us find this task to be difficult. If unable to ditch the phone, turn on “Night Shift,” an iPhone feature, to prepare your eyes for sleep.

Night Shift works by removing the blue colors from your screen and turning the screen to warmer tones. Blue wavelengths are said to suppress melatonin, a critical sleep hormone.

A quick click on the Night Shift feature can help your body chemically ready itself for sleep.

3. Soak in the Warmth 

Allowing yourself 30 minutes to a warm bath 60 to 90 minutes before bedtime can aid in relaxation of the body. Warm baths are said to relieve muscle tension and cause the body to become drowsy.

Taking a bath several times per week can assist in internally preparing your body for adequate sleep.

4. Essential Oils 

Rubbing or diffusing essential oils can assist in calming your body and mind for daily and nightly purposes.

Top scents that aid in peaceful sleep include Lavender and Roman Chamomile. These scents are said to assist in relaxing the body.

For best results on direct body application, rub oils onto the wrists, neck and temples. Aa an alternative to placing the oils on the body, essential oil diffusers can keep the scent flowing in your room throughout the night.

5. Make Your Bed 

As simple as it sounds, the state of your bed can have a major impact on your nights sleep. Internally, your mind will be thankful for the organization of blankets and pillows. Externally, your body will enjoy the comfort that is not present with bundled up and disorganized sheets.

Taking two minutes after wake or before sleep can be a quick assistant for a peaceful night.

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