Graphics update make Show 17 a ‘must play’

The familiar sound of a highlight play’s radio broadcast crackles to life on my TV. A smile quickly follows and the start of my favorite season starts “The Show” season. MLB the “Show 17” with Ken Griffey Jr. gracing the cover is personally one of my most anticipated sports games to ever get released. Alongside “NHL 12” and “NBA 2k16,” “The Show” definitely rounds out the top three.  The improvements to this year’s edition in the long-standing baseball sim are second to none.

Graphics improvements this year are second to none. The lighting engine that has been overhauled several times in the past few years Along with skin tones, body types and overall body customization “The Show’s” graphics improvements are much needed.

Personally, I think that the series has one of the worst graphics in any console game series. The stadiums are built well, but aside from that, it’s been a slow ride for “The Show’s” visual engine. The faces in the past have looked close to a third grader’s art project. The lack of detail is one of the only things that has bugged me playing through the series.

But this year, thankfully, it’s different. There has been an addition of 40 plus faces into the game, along with the aforementioned body customization. Players now look like themselves. Kris Bryant doesn’t look like an evil gnome, and more importantly, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob DeGrom don’t look like whatever recombobulation they were in “The Show 15.”

Overall graphics have improved greatly. I finally don’t feel like I’m playing on the PS3. Hopefully, in the coming years, Sony San Diego will be able to catch up with their sports game counterparts.

There are a plethora of new modes in “The Show.” A new edition of retro mode combines one button controls with retro themed gameplay. It’s a nice thought, but other than playing a couple times in couch co-op, you really won’t ever touch it again. The main three modes return with a punch. The revamped Diamond Dynasty adds new legends, new gear and new ways to play. Instead of just the regular online versus and conquest modes you’re used to, they’ve included updated missions and better rewards. Now it’s, even more, fun to build up your dream team of past and present superstars.

Franchise also was updated heavily, now including an extremely coveted mode of fast playthroughs. Finally, instead of playing 162 two-hour-long games, you can easily breeze through a season in a couple days. Either by way of “moments,” a way to only play the important parts of the game or by the other way in which a player locks on similar to Road to the Show game mode.

You can pick your favorite player and cruise through their specific in game situations. It’s an easy and breezy sub-mode that makes games quick, easy and fun. The third and best mode is Road to the Show. It’s the same old game mode, just with a new and exciting twist. Added this year is a third person documentary style narrative. Like in “NBA 2K’s” My Career, you can make your own choices. I haven’t progressed too far into the story and choices, but I can already tell the series heads in a great direction. The Road to the Show is MLB’s greatest mode. It combines the game’s great customization, new gameplay and gets you up close and personal with the game.

“MLB The Show 17” is the greatest game to date in the series. The graphical improvements greatly improve the visual aspects of the game. The modes in the game are the greatest they’ve been in years. Diamond Dynasty is a huge step up from the previous editions. The franchise has been revamped making games faster and more fun. Most of all, “Road to the Show” has been made more exciting and diverse. The documentary style narration greatly improves your experience throughout the mode. “The Show 17” is definitely the greatest game in this long lasting great series, making it the greatest sports game to come out this year. A must play for any sports enthusiast.

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