Journalism staffs capture many honors in state contest

Tiger Hi-Line one of finalists for year, will compete for News Team of the Year announced next fall

Hawkeye Photographer of the Year 1st John Dunlop

Hawkeye Photographer of the Year 3rd Logan Cole

Videographer of the Year 1st Jaden Amjadi

Writer of the Year 2nd Teyha Tournier

Writer of the Year HM Elise Leasure

Column 1st Back the Blue: Law enforcement deserve community support now more than ever Brennan Kohls

Column 2nd Out of the Darkness: Stay the course on difficult road to depression recovery Lexi Sheeley

Column 3rd One More Reason: New high school needed to serve accessibilty needs Halie Frahm

Column HM In the end, legacy of love will be our greatest wealth Casey McIntyre

Cartoon 1st Text and Die Mia Dexter

Cartoon 2nd Duty Calls Alyssa Dekutoski

Cartoon 3rd Flip flop on bathroom rights leaves transgender students behind Mia Dexter

Cartoon HM Clowns Scaring Away Halloween Jobs Mia Dexter

Feature Photo 1st Into the Marsh Brennan Kohls

Feature Photo 2nd Dealing with Depth of Field Logan Cole

Feature Story 1st Bringing up Baby: Teens reflect on first year as parents Maddie Palmersheim

Feature Story 3rd Side Track: Cadet teaching exercise reveals limitations of high school access Halie Frahm

Feature Story HM Senior Says: Living each day by kindness leads to lifetime of less regrets Clare Rolinger

Illustration or Art 1st Four Categories of ADHD for Girls Elise Leasure

In-Depth News 1st Former coach, wife killed in car accident: Staff, family, friends cope with loss Jack Moody, Tehya Tournier

In-Depth News 2nd Climate change education varies in Iowa Tana Gam-Ad

In-Depth News HM Cedar Falls play debut draws attention to wide range of life with autism Alayna Yates

Infographic 3rd Star Power Tana Gam-Ad

Multimedia story – Feature 1st Political Divisions Brennan Kohls, Elise Leasure, Casey McIntyre

Multimedia story – Feature 2nd Valentine’s Tips from Longtime Couples Kaylee Olson

Multimedia story – Feature 3rd Adaptive Technology Adison Pace, Wes Gitta, Tyler Campbell, Clare Rolinger

Multimedia story – Feature HM Ghost Light Albie Nicol

Multimedia story – News 1st Post-election Protests Sophia Schillinger, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark, Albie Nicol

Multimedia story – News 3rd Mental Health Week Elise Leasure, Jaden Amjadi, Casey Leeper

Multimedia story – News HM Shrek Logan Cole, Tana Gam-Ad, Emma Graening, Adison Pace, Wes Gitta

Multimedia story – Sports 1st Postseason Bowling Coverage Sam Prophet, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark, Lily Becker

Multimedia story – Sports 2nd Women’s basketball postseason push Claire Sabino, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark

Multimedia story – Sports 3rd Rich Engel Claire Sabino, Jacob Keagle, Julie Jorgensen, Emma Weimerskirch

News Magazine – Multiple Page Design 2nd Foods for Fuel Mackenzie Michael

News Magazine – One Page Design 2nd Into the Marsh Brennan Kohls

News Magazine – One Page Design HM Star Power Tana Gam-Ad

News Photo 1st Cookie Contestants Logan Cole

News Photo 2nd Micro Measurement Tana Gam-Ad

News Photo HM Syncing Sisters Molly Johnson

News Story HM District faces questions from proposed voucher law Clare Rolinger

Personality Profile 1st Sophomore fights back from eating disorder Sophia Schillinger

Personality Profile 2nd AP Strong: Senior recalls third year since diagnosis of testicular cancer Maddie Palmersheim

Photo Slideshow 1st It’s a Wonderful Life Vanessa Kime

Photo Story 1st Senior Stars: Powder Puff game decided in overtime Logan Cole

Photo Story 2nd 1,000 Club John Dunlop

Photo Story 3rd Food Fighters John Dunlop, Logan Cole

Podcasting 1st SourceMaster Wes Gitta

Podcasting 2nd Crafts with Addy Addy Asby

Podcasting 3rd Drops Mic Jaden Amjadi

Podcasting HM V-Necks on Fire Adison Pace

Social Media 3rd Twitter, Instagram, Website Tana Gam-Ad

Sports Photo 1st State Celebration John Dunlop

Sports Photo 2nd Powder Puff Logan Cole

Sports Photo 3rd Surfacing Logan Cole

Staff Editorial 2nd Cup of Joe leads Valley in battle over bathrooms Albie Nicol

Video story 1st No Ban No Wall Protest Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark

Video story 2nd Artapalooza Jaden Amjadi, Casey Leeper

Video story 3rd Swim Team Pushing Hard in Brown’s Last Season Jaden Amjadi

Video story HM Bowling Making Push for Post Season Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark

Web Design 1st The Tiger Hi-Line Online Tana Gam-Ad, Matthew Walsh

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