Searching for Winners: New seasons open chances to support new teams

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. This is the time people across the nation gear up for the addition of football back into their lives, but more importantly, all major sports in the United States are preparing for their seasons. From the NHL to the NBA, fantasy servers alike are getting fired up in preparation for the incoming mass of fans ready again to participate.

If you are like me, however, it’s hard to find a team that’s worth following, so after a summer of contemplation and resume building, I have finally found the best way to find a team worth building a standing relationship with. I will be the love guru to your troubled relationship with sport.

If you are like me, unluckily not being born into a fandom, long seasons can get boring. However, if you follow my resume, you will find a team to root for. Personally, I got lucky. The greatest quarterback of all time just came out of retirement to play for the Miami Dolphins. Not only was I surprised about this, but I was elated. Finally, I was given a team to follow straight from the hands of God. After years of just dipping my toes into the league all through the 17 weeks, I can finally dive head first into the deep end. The best thing about sports fandom is the passion. And now finally I can experience this during a time usually filled with boring watchfulness. If my recent discovery makes you envious, follow my criteria, please, to experience the same feeling of fruitful desire.

1. Favorite Player

Finding a favorite player in the league is the first and most crucial step to finding success with another team. It doesn’t matter whether he or she rides the pine or punishes quarterbacks. The only thing and I can’t stress this enough, is that you do not pick an already great player. For example, you cannot pick Tom Brady and suddenly become a huge Patriots fan. You risk running the difficulty of becoming a bandwagon. The worst kind of fan. Personally, I would choose a young up and coming player. Someone like Aaron Donald or even Christian McCaffrey. The Panthers would be a good team to follow because they are good every other year. Cam Newton is on the rebound, and they have a strong defense, so if you are looking for success … the Panthers are the team to go with.

2. Style

Probably the most meaningless, but also the most sequential is a team’s style. Picking between a new school team like the Dolphins, or going with an old school team like the Raiders is an important decision. The aesthetic choice you make about your team is something you will have to look at for the next 17 weeks. If you are not a fan of the newest Seahawks uniform endeavors, then I would suggest staying away from being the 12th man. Personally, I think the Miami Dolphins colors and uniform selection is OK. It’s not the greatest, but certainly not the worst in the league. Style, once again, is the most important underrated choice. The style of your team is the first thing that people see, and one of the first vehicles they use to degrade your team. Make sure your choice is wise, and one that won’t make you throw up every Sunday.

3. Longevity   

Longevity may or may not be important to you. If you are an individual, like me, who likes to jump around a lot, this may not be as important. Longevity refers to the youthfulness of the team and how long they can be good for during their prime. A team just now entering its prime would be someone like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have promise at the quarterback and wide receiver positions. However, they still do have some holes on the defensive side of the ball that could be tough to hurdle to become an elite team, so if you are a young team just getting over the hump of their rebuild, I would make a pick of a team like the Browns. It’s a great pick 1) because you can use them as a humblebrag  2) because if their latest draft picks do prove to be worth while, they could be somewhat good.

These three steps will hopefully help you decide who and what to cheer for during the season. With the Patriots stranglehold on the NFL loosening, the next coming years could decide who will be the juggernaut ready to take over. If you make all the right bets, you could be one of the few who can say, “I was a fan before they won all those Super Bowls.”

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