Lots of reasons for keeping Switch game releases exclusive

The Nintendo Switch has been out for about eight months or so, and there are 50 or so games for it; however, now everyone wants every a new game on it, but I don’t think this is smart.

I think this because if Nintendo relies too much on the Switch and releases a lot of it’s game for that one system, when the Switch eventually dies, a lot of their game franchise may go down with it.

Relying on one thing, in anything really, is not smart. For example, if a machine relied on one part, and that part broke, the machine is done too. This can apply to many things in the real world, too many to list them all.

Next, people are wanting games that aren’t even Nintendo games to come to the Switch. Ever since “Skyrim” came to the Switch, people want “Call of Duty” and other non-Nintendo games on the Switch.

This won’t work for roughly two huge reasons. First, to get a non-Nintendo game on a Nintendo system, Nintendo will need to get the approval of that company. This will be hard to do as other companies see Nintendo as their competitor, and very few of them would work with them. While rare, other companies do work together, though this is rare. Most companies keep to themselves, unless their franchise has a history of working with each other. Secondly, there’s no reason for it. The Switch is not an all purpose console, and if other companies put their games on the Switch, then people will just buy the Switch and not the original console, and this would put them out business slowly. Doing this would only profit Nintendo, which other companies would not want to do.

In conclusion, every time a game comes out, it does not need a Switch release. While a Switch release of a popular game would be nice, it won’t always happen, and fans shouldn’t expect it.

What we expect, and what we get, are two different things. Nintendo will not guarantee its fans anything that they can’t deliver. Fans can expect what they’d like, but they can’t be mad when it’s no delivered. True, the possibilities are there, but the chances of the delivery is low.

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