Athlete of the Week: Shae Stotser

Shae Stotser


How long have you been bowling?

I have been bowling since the beginning of my junior year. I joined it out of nowhere, after my friend Emily [Barth] recommended joining the team.

Biggest accomplishment?

My biggest personal accomplishment happened over winter break. I beat my coach, Scott, in a game. I scored six pins higher than him. It was really incredible for me, because he has been bowling around 20 years, and I have been bowling two. It was a lot of fun, and I still joke around with him about it. Our biggest accomplishment as a team would probably be placing second in the Clinton Invite a couple weeks ago. We ended up beating a lot of the teams who beat us earlier in the season, so it really shows how much we have all improved in the last couple months.

Do you have any personal goals?

Personally, I hope to just have fun every game. Bowling is such a fun sport, and as long as I am hitting my average and having fun with my teammates, I am reaching all of my goals.

Do you have any team goals?

As a team, we do strive for all of us to hit our marks, make our averages, hit the pockets and so on, but keeping up a good attitude and sportsmanship is our main goal every game. A meet is so much more fun if we are cheering each other on and having a good time. Winning is great, but having a good time is even better.

Best memory from this or previous seasons? 

Some of the best memories are on the bus rides home after meets. It is a really good bonding time. We all get to hang out and reflect on how we did. My favorite memory this season was probably the Clinton Invite. There were so many great bowlers and teams there. It was incredible. We were having so much fun and cheering each other on. I think that attitude really helped us do so well.

Do you plan on bowling after this year?

I really hope to keep on bowling this year. Most colleges have bowling clubs and such, so I think I will keep with it in the future. Even if not in a club, I plan to bowl on my own and with my friends.

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