Athlete of the Week: Sean Miller

Sean Miller


How long have you been doing trapshooting? 

I’ve been trapshooting for three years now, but have been shooting firearms since I was little.

What has been your biggest accomplishment from this season so far?

Definitely shooting 50 straight in competition.

What are some personal goals?

My personal goal this year is to shoot 200 straight at State in June. I accomplished my goal of 25 and 50 straight.

What are some struggles you have faced with trapshooting?

Having bad days messes with your head. Trapshooting is  mostly a mental game, and if you get in a rut, it’s hard to get out.

Favorite memory from this or previous seasons? 

My favorite memory is from last year at State. It was boiling outside and 100 percent humidity. We had finished shooting, and most of the team were cooling off under a canopy. The coaches came around with coolers and bombarded us with water balloons. Tons of fun to finish off a season and my favorite memory of trap.

Are you planning on trapshooting after this year? 

Trapshooting is my favorite sport, and I will happily shoot again next year.

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