Athlete Of The Week | Jamie Knox | Women’s Tennis

Jamie Knox | Women’s Tennis

How long have you been playing tennis? 

“I have been playing tennis seriously for about four years, since freshman year. I have been playing recreationally since I was little.” 

Who is your inspiration?

“I feel like it is a classic, but Serena Williams. She’s very very talented and is so empowering.” 

Favorite memory from this season or past season?

“Making it to State last year for sure. The match leading up to me qualifying was amazing. The fact that I play  no. 3 all year, and I had to play a no. 1 singles player. I also had to play my own teammate.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment? 

“From this season I would say, compared to the past three seasons, I just am a lot more confident when I play. Team morale is really awesome, and we get together really well.” 

Have you had any struggles or mindset bumps in your years of playing tennis? 

“No legitimate injuries, but in the past few years my mental game has been hard. Keeping a positive mindset when you are losing by quite a lot on the court is hard, but it is something that I am working on and will continue to work on in college.”

Do you plan to continue to play tennis after high school?

“As of right now I do plan on playing for the Wartburg team, but I will see how it all pans out with me focusing on band and music as well.  

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