As the year comes to a close, students finish off 2018-19 with Sweet Endings

In FCS teacher Jacqueline Bakker’s Food Nurtition class, students competed in a cupcake war. They had to design themes for the cakes and display theme for birthday party. Teachers came in on the final day to judge the results. The “Batter Up” group placed first, “Castle Catastrophe” came in second and “Thanos” came in third. At top is Bakker with Addison Anderson, and below that are Carter Tjaden and Nick Bellendier. At left is Brandon Conrad. 

In the blood drive on May 10, participants contributed 47 units of blood, which can be used to impact up to 141 lives. The totals included 36 first time donors. Giving blood, at left is Emmy Sherbon and up top is AJ Jackson. 

Taking in the senior party on Wednesday, May 15 enjoying the day with a picnic are Margaret Schafer, Alex Glascock, and Emerald Barnes while Jack Gilbert plays kickball with the seniors.

In a mock scenario, juniors Emma DeWitt and her lab partner Mia Houlihan and Maddison Hurley and her partner Alexandra Somodi and all of the other honors chemistry used their titration skills to provide evidence for a class action lawsuit in Lynn Griffin’s classes. Students had to see if the percentage of acetic acid in the vinegar actually met the levels as advertised. 

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