Athlete of the Week | Auriona Kimbrough | Women’s Track

Auriona Kimbrough | Women’s Track

How long have you been running track? “I started my freshman year, so four years.”

What is your favorite race to run? 

“I would say the 400 is my favorite. It is more of a sprint, but you have to strategize, and it is a challenge as well.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment from this season so far? 

“I would have to say placing second in our sprint medley at Drake.”

What are your personal goals?  “I really want to defend my state title in high jump, and I want to go first and second place with Mackenzie in the open 400 race.”

Have you faced any struggles in track? “Luckily I have not.”

What is your favorite track memory? “My favorite memory would have to be winning the distance medley with my teammates Morgan, Leah and Mackenzie. 

Do you plan on running after high school?  “I love high school sports and the atmosphere of it, but I am excited for a new challenge. I am going to be a Multi at UNI.”

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