Matrix ready for adoption at Humane Society

Sunday, Nov. 17, I was able to meet with Jessica L Christensen, the volunteer and community outreach coordinator at the Cedar Bend Humane Society. She is a very busy lady, and it took a bit to get an interview that worked with everyone’s schedule. I had the chance to ask some questions about both her and Matrix. 

“I have been an animal lover my whole life and am a passionate vegan activist for all animals. I had no doubts that my career path would lead me to saving or bettering the lives of animals. I have been with Cedar Bend Humane Society for over a year now, and I do just that. Animals come to us emaciated, lost, neglected and scared every day, and they become our family while we care for and advocate for them. Some days are filled with heartbreak. The joy of seeing an animal reunited with their family or bond with a new family and leave the shelter happy makes it all worth it,” Christensen said.

I enjoyed my time playing with a very energetic brown and white Pit Bull Mix named Matrix, (but he did calm down after a bit.)  Matrix was found as a stray wandering Waterloo and became a resident of Cedar Bend on March 14, 2018.  He is actually the second longest resident but is becoming the first because Comet, the current longest, is in a foster home and plans to be making that his forever home.  

“Matrix would thrive in a home as the only animal since he does not get along well with other dogs, and we have a suspicion that he would also chase cats. A big fenced in yard would be best for him. He is a friendly pup, but a home with children older than 12 is preferred due to his size coupled with his bursts of energy,” Christensen said.

I learned that it’s been a struggle for them to find Matrix the right home because it’s been rare to find families with only one pet. Matrix is an awesome dog with lots of love to give and would be a great companion to take on adventures, runs and walks. 

The staff obviously loves and adores Matrix, but the stress of being in a shelter is now taking its toll on him. He’s been losing weight, and they have tried to increase his food to help. He is otherwise a very healthy, active boy.  He loved showing me how well he can sit and impressed me with how he could catch his treats when tossed up in the air.

“Getting his name, face and story out helps to find them a home. We try to utilize all outlets such as social media, radio, TV, newspaper, etc. to help spread the word that he is looking for his forever home,” Christensen said.

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