Twitter page brings puppy joy to followers

Twitter has been a site used for many different purposes, but “I’ve Pet That Dog” is one of the more wholesome. Gideon “an 12 year old boy who likes petting dogs” runs the page @IvePetThatDog. 

His account has been up since April of 2018 and posts pictures of all the dogs he pets throughout his life. This gained him 384.9 thousand followers and he has even written his own book.

Even during COVID-19, I’ve Pet That Dogs is still running strong. Now he is posting pictures of his follower’s pets with the phrase “I would love to pet” then the dog’s name. 

Gideon’s page, supervised by his mom, has many people happy whenever they come across it. Twitter has gotten a reputation of only being a site where people yell at each other over politics, but @IvePetThatDog shows a softer side to the social media platform. 

I’ve Pet That Dogs as a fan base on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with Twitter being the most popular platform he’s on.

There is also a website called where fans can see his pictures, buy merchandise, and even order his book called “Pet That Dog! A Handbook for Making Four-Legged Friends.”

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