Western Iowa offers best duck hunting


  1. Western Iowa is filled with open fields and has very few people. Though there are not many people, those that are there are usually really nice. This field is right next to a lake where we went duck hunting.
  2. Saturday we were supposed to go pheasant hunting, but there weren’t very many pheasants to be seen. After we left the fields we went to a lake to duck hunt and had a lot more success with that. 
  3. As well as western Iowa having a lot of fields, there are also a lot of corn fields. Corn fields and livestock are two of the biggest ways that people make a living out there. This tractor is on one of my brothers chicken growers land.
  4. This is another example of the amount of fields and prairie are out there. Walking through the fields is so much fun, and seeing your shadow like that on the golden grass is the coolest thing. 
  5. On the final day in my brother’s town, we went duck hunting again. We decided to completely abandon turkey hunting and pheasant hunting, so we took the kayaks out and got a few more ducks. That weekend was more fun than  I’ve had in a long time. 

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