Students stick with resolutions

Many people enjoy their new year’s resolutions for the first couple of days maybe weeks before giving up and quitting it, but two ninth grade girls at Peet Junior High are still sticking with their unique resolutions almost three months in.

“I just thought it was a fun idea, and Maddy was interested when I told her, so we both decided to go for it,” Kate Galyen said.

 “I’m learning Japanese, and Kate’s learning Arabic,” Maddy Stoakes said. 

The girls took on the challenge of learning a new language on top of already taking French classes. 

“It’s sorta difficult to learn since there’s runes, so you have to grow through learning how to tell what all of those are as well as how to pronounce them correctly and things like that, so I’m still pretty much in the beginning steps of learning, just basic things like some greetings and the alphabet,” Galyen said. 

“It’s definitely hard with the specific pronunciation and learning the runes, so it’s been a slow process too. I’m still learning basics as well. It’ll definitely take a while. It’s still cool to learn a new language,” Stoakes said. 

“It’s really cool to be able to learn a new language, and I hope that someday when I’m older I’ll be able to travel to the Middle East and use the Arabic I’ve learned,” Galyen said.

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