Scooter’s Coffee offers best pumpkin spice latte in Cedar Valley

It’s finally autumn, meaning for many coffee lovers like myself, it’s time to get the iconic pumpkin spice latte. There are many different options for places to get a pumpkin spice latte. The following list will be a ranking from best to worst of some places to get the special fall flavor. Please note that I got a medium sized latte for all of these.


  1. My favorite place I got a pumpkin spice latte was Scooter’s Coffee. I rated the latte a five out of five stars because of the exquisite taste. It had the strongest taste of pumpkin and cinnamon out of all of the coffees I tried. I also got the best service here out of anywhere. I used the drive-through and was immediately given my drink as soon as I got to the window. The Scooter’s option was slightly more expensive than some of the others, costing $5.70.
  2. My second favorite pumpkin spice latte came from Dunkin’ Donuts. I rated this latte a five out of five stars as well. The taste was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it. I liked it just as much as the Scooter’s latte. I did have to wait for a while for the coffee to be made, so the service was good but not as fast as Scooter’s. This was also one of the more affordable options, costing $4.29 for a medium latte.
  3. Coming in at third place is the Starbucks latte. I will admit, I did expect for this to be higher up on the list because Starbucks was the franchise that originally popularized this drink, so I had high expectations for it. However, I rated this a three out of five stars. It tasted good and I liked the fact that they put in whipped cream with cinnamon, but it did not have a very strong pumpkin flavor. Once I was about halfway done drinking it, it did not really taste like pumpkin anymore. The service was pretty good. I waited for the drink for about the same amount of time as I did at Dunkin’ Donuts. This was also the most expensive latte, costing $5.75 for a grande sized drink.
  4. In last place on this list is the Sidecar Coffee pumpkin spice latte. I did not find the taste as appealing as the others. In my opinion, it did not have a pumpkin taste to it. It was not a terrible drink, but I did not personally find it to be my taste. I had to wait for a while for my coffee, so the service was not horrible but not as good as the other places listed. This was, however, the most affordable option for a pumpkin spice latte, with the medium latte costing just $4. 

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