Gorrilaz new ‘Cracker Island’ due to drop in February

Popular band Gorillaz, known for their digital band members, is getting ready to release their long awaited, eighth studio album, Cracker Island, and as typical for them, they are releasing some songs early. 

As of writing, there are currently four songs released: “Cracker Island,” “New Gold” “Baby Queen,” and “Skinny Ape.”  

Fleetwood Mac’s lead singer and music icon Stevie Nicks will be collaborating with the band on a track called “Oil,” and Nicks described the track as being “somewhere between love and war.” Nicks went on to reveal that her “one demand” to Gorillaz was to feature the official “Oil” music video “because that’s how I know about the Gorillaz, is because of all their crazy cartoon videos. I want to be a Gorilla, and I want to have big, false eyelashes, and I want to have blonde hair, right? So, that’s what I said. And so, they’re doing it as we speak.” 

The album is set to release February 2023 and is going to have a cult-esque theme behind it, touching on allegiances to misguided figures.

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