Students recommend TV shows

Television shows are a huge part of today’s culture in society, especially for teenagers. Reelgood reported that a few of the most popular shows currently are Ginny and Georgia, Wednesday and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. The students below gave their current favorite shows to watch and why, giving some insight on what some popular series are as of recently. 

Sophomore Alea Diehl said her favorite show is Young Justice. Regarding why she likes it so much, Diehl said, “I like that the story follows the characters as the bond and learn about themselves and others. There is a lot of diversity within the show and each episode along with the series overall is filled with major messages around trust, mental health, grief, death and friendship. I really like the balance of action and fiction to the realism and detail of the charactersIt also might be my favorite show because I am a nerd and love reading DC comics and watching the different shows and movies. It really well displays the different ways people can act, and the ability he has to cope in such dire situations. I think the detail that is put into him alone and his development, what I like/dislike about his character is enough for me to write pentful essays.”

Ninth grader Henry Funk said his favorite show is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Regarding what makes the show enjoyable, Funk said, “It just has so many good characters and throughout the seasons they just keep developing. Also, they just keep adding on and adding on. Not in a way that makes it drag on, but in an intriguing way, making you wonder what is going to happen next and how the characters will deal with it. A really good thing is that for the majority of the time they keep the same main character while also adding new people throughout.”

Eighth grader Milo Fitzgerald said his favorite show is Adam Ruins Everything. On the subject of the show’s appealing premise, Fitzgerald said, “Adam Ruins Everything is a show about Adam Conover where he goes around ¨ruining¨ things by telling the truth about them. For instance, he talked about Pocahontas and how the modern story of her is completely inaccurate. He also did an episode about suburbs where he talked about how the suburbs are rooted in racism because of redlining. There was an episode about DARE where he talked about the death rates of drugs and alcohol.”

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