Classroom tech useful when it works

As the world becomes more and more online, school is no different. The use of technology in classrooms has become very, very common. Although there are many advantages to having school online, there are also some disadvantages.

Technology can be much more efficient than other methods of education. “I think using digital technology can aid a student and a teacher in being very productive because it’s faster than a paper and pencil and assessing students is easier,” said Stephanie Itzen, the librarian at Holmes Junior High.

However, when technology breaks, it can waste teachers’ and students’ time. “Sometimes it breaks down, the teacher has plans, and then time is wasted,” said Itzen.

On the other hand, the internet can act as a second teacher for students. “Technology can aid the student in finding information faster. The Internet is vastly informative. Using that information to form opinions, learn facts, and consume information can be an outstanding learning tool,” said Itzen.

All in all, Itzen believes that technology is extremely beneficial when used in the correct way. When asked whether technology can negatively affect the learning experience, Itzen said, “If it’s used exclusively, yes, but I don’t see any teacher doing that.”

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