Grades vary in priority


As the end of the school year gets closer and closer, how much do students care about grades? Where do their grades fall in the list of their priorities?

High school students often feel more pressure about their grades than elementary or middle school students. “I really care about my grades and how I perform in school. Grades carry much more weight in high school than they did in middle or elementary school, and I truly believe that good grades will lead to choosing a good college suitable for me, scholarships, and career opportunities,” said Trinity Jurries, a Holmes freshman.

Some students care more about understanding the concept than about what grade they get on it. “If something doesn’t make sense and it brought my grade down, then I will go talk to my teacher. Otherwise, if it’s brought down, I know why, and I don’t care, that’s okay,” said Henry Funk, a Holmes freshman.

However, Jurries and Funk also say that they care about their mental health in school along with their actual grades. “Doing well mentally in school is on my list of priorities,” Jurries said. “My top priority is to take care of my mental health and make sure that it doesn’t affect me in any way,” Funk said.

Jurries said that her grades are near the top of her priority list. “Personally for me, getting good sleep, getting my driver’s permit, doing well mentally and physically in school, my health and my family are on my priority list,” Jurries said. “Because school is where I am most of my day, I would say that grades are definitely near the top of my priority list.”

Funk disagreed. Regarding where grades fall in priority, he said, “Around number 3 or 4. I have more important things in my life.”

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