Six students advance to All State Speech

From the CFHS speech team, six students performed at the Individual All State Speech Festival at UNI on March 26. Each performer received oral and written comments from one of the critics who are noted speakers, performers and professionals from across the Midwest.

Speech team coach Rebecca Kauten explained the honor of a student from speech team advancing to the Individual All State Speech Festival. “We’re all very proud of the CF students who perform for both large group and individual event speech. It’s an honor to yet again have their efforts recognized as some of the best in Iowa. It speaks well of our program and the quality of work our students present,” Kauten said.

Another CFHS speech team coach, Nick Chizek, was happy with how this year’s individual competitions turned out. “This year was quite fun. We had a great time creatively putting together some interesting pieces, and I am quite pleased with all the results,” Chizek said.

Sophomore Carrsan Morrissey described his thoughts before the festival. “I was very excited. It’s my second year going, and for the same thing.” Morrissey went to the Individual All State Speech Festival for his improv both this year and his freshman year.

This year is sophomore Noah Miller’s first year to go to All-State. “I was really excited. I went last year as a spectator, and it’s completely worth missing a day,” Miller said.

Morrissey described the average individual speech festival. “Awesome. it’s super-crazy. There’s a ton of kids there. And you learn a lot because there’s a lot of kids with more experience than you,” Morrissey said.

Kauten described the value of speech team. “We may be one of the smaller programs when considering the host of other activities CF students can choose to do, but the experiences gained from both large group and individual performance last a lifetime, especially for those who perform as individuals. These are some of tomorrow’s greatest communicators,” Kauten said.

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