Students anticipate physics competition results

CFHS students competed in the Physics Competition at UNI last Wednesday, March 21. Although not all of the competition’s results have been formulated, CFHS has place well so far.

“We won first, second and third place for the toothpick bridge competition and the soda arm,” senior Emily Duval said. Seniors Ian Abbott and Nathaniel Welshons also won first place for both events.

Competitors should get the rest of the results early this week.

All students in physics and college physics classes were required to make a project, and the best were chosen to compete against other schools.

Junior Katie McClintock described the competition.

“We did several different stations where you went to depending on what section you were in. I did bridge-building. Then we went to the awards ceremony in the center of the McCloud Center,” McClintock said.

Physics teacher Kenton Swartley said he thinks CFHS students’ results were admirable in this year’s competition; “I would say the students were very successful this year. Even the groups that did not place in the top three did a nice job,” Swartley said.

Senior and second place winner for the soda straw arm competition Beth Kosmicki was almost as happy with the competition.

“It was really exciting and fun, and I only wish everyone in all the physics classes could have gone,” Kosmicki said.

Swartley explained the importance of the physics competition.

“I think it is important for students to participate in events like this because it helps them to see how physics concepts can be applied to real challenges similar to ones that some of them will be faced with in future careers,” Swartley said.

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