Time for Relief: Politics need to be put aside for Hurricane Sandy relief

This year there are many topics that have divided the left wing from the right, but in the midst of it all, there is one bipartisan issue that both sides can come together for: relief. Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast not but a week ago and has sent a shock throughout the whole country. After seeing the devastation of this superstorm, most everyone is thinking about trying to get everything back to normal.

Right now the east coast is still in ruins. Not everyone who lost power has gained it back, and there are many displaced persons as a result of the tragedy. Transportation is starting back up again for the public, but it’s not nearly as available to everyone like it was just two weeks ago. Organizations are trying to provide gasoline to the citizens that need access to it. There is just not nearly enough supply for the demand, and there are still many people that have been without the essentials or haven’t been able to attend school in days.

No matter what political party you’re involved in, everyone can come together and help out in aiding fellow Americans in need. Many Iowans have already sprung into action by travelling over 1,000 miles to go help volunteer. Over 70 Alliant workers from nine different towns in Iowa headed out to the East Coast last Sunday according to KCRG.com. A crew of 15 MidAmerican Energy workers along with 50 or more private contractors left last Saturday to help the local utility of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., according to the Des Moines Register.

Help doesn’t have to be in the form of volunteering, but there is one thing that people can do to help: donate. Donations are being taken by many relief groups and organizations. This is an easy way to help because the organizations can take the donations and buy the necessities quicker than trying to sort out other types of donations. Many groups are taking donations, AmeriCares Disaster Relief Fund, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Humane Society of the United States, Habitat for Humanity, AMERICARES and New York Cares are just some of the organizations and programs that you can donate to that are dedicated to offering relief for the victims of this hurricane.

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