Pure Party: Let’s keep prom drug, alcohol free

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Prom can be a fun event for everyone, but it is possible to make bad memories with the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Alcohol and drugs are absolutely not permitted at prom, and anyone caught with them is escorted out and receives a form of punishment determined by the school. This tempts those who wish to drink or use drugs it to conceal this in a creative fashion. However, the question begs: is it really worth it?

Odds are, if you bring alcohol or drugs to prom, you will get caught. If you get caught, all of the money, work and time you spent will have been for absolutely nothing. Depending on how much you drink or use drugs, you may not even be able to remember exactly what you did at prom, so you have no good memories for the future to look back on. Drinking alcohol or using drugs may seem “fun,” but you would be surprised at how much fun you can have without it.

We at the Tiger Hi-Line urge you to make smart decisions and not drink alcohol or use drugs. Everyone deserves to have a fun, safe prom, and it would be a shame if anyone ruined that. Follow all of the regular prom traditions, maybe even make a few new traditions of your own, but please, leave the alcohol and drugs at home.


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