Counselor earns top Iowa honors

langanBy: Skylar Starbeck

Recently, CFHS counselor Susan Langan received the honor of being Iowa School Counselor of the Year.

“To receive this award is very humbling, and I am very grateful to be able to serve as a great counselor. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the high school,” Langan said. “Many have a misinterpretation on what a school counselor actually is. It isn’t just talking to students about college. Our job is nonstop running everywhere helping students and representing Cedar Falls High School. But, I’m always glad to be here working.”

Langan has been a counselor at Cedar Falls for 22 years, and during her time, she has helped and impacted many lives.

She is well known for her persistent smile. In the hallways, she greets students at any moment she has and is always the one willing to step up and help anyone out to make their day.

Senior Matt Turcotte, said, “Mrs. Langan shows love and enthusiasm every day towards our school.”

Langan makes the transition from junior high to high school a comfortable transition. Senior Durrell Jackson said, “She is fun to be around and always has a positive attitude. Sophomore year she was always helping me transition into high school.”

Many faculty at Cedar Falls are grateful for her works as well. Erin Gardner, another CFHS counselor, said, “Mrs. Langan definitely brings passion as she loves her job as a school counselor. I have learned a lot from her since I began my career here. Mrs. Langan lives, eats and breathes school counseling. I have not meet anyone more passionate about their career.”

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